Shubman Gill’s Next Test: Overcoming a Tricky Technique in South Africa

Shubman Gill’s Next Test: Overcoming a Tricky Technique in South Africa

Cricket enthusiasts have long hailed Shubman Gill as the future of Indian cricket, a promising talent destined for greatness. Yet, as he gears up to face the formidable South African bowling attack, there’s a lingering question that cricket pundits and fans can’t help but ask: Can Gill overcome his persistent technical weakness and shine in the challenging conditions of South Africa?

The issue at hand is not a glaring weakness but a subtlety in Gill’s technique that has occasionally led to his downfall on the international stage. Full-length deliveries have caused him to lose his stumps and be caught LBW due to his slow weight transfer onto the front foot, which has left him vulnerable. This particular vulnerability has been exploited by bowlers like James Anderson, Kyle Jamieson, Mohammad Shami, Chris Woakes, Tim Southee, and Pat Cummins.

Shubman Gill's Next Test

Understanding Shubman Gill’s Technique

Interestingly, this quirk in Gill’s technique is not a conventional weakness that can be addressed with a simple correction. His natural style, developed on cement tracks in his village courtyard, demands a certain posture—standing tall at the crease or pushing back—making him hesitant to alter a successful setup. The challenge for Gill is to find a solution without compromising the essence of his game.


To address this, Gill has experimented with an exaggerated front-shoulder lean-in stance in recent tests, attempting to remind himself to be more forward-oriented. The issue becomes more evident when, after a series of adjustments, he still finds himself a little late in progressing against quality bowlers.

Shubman Gill is aware of his technical difficulties. He acknowledges the importance of shoulder alignment, being side-on while playing, and maintaining a good position relative to the ball. Despite his great hands and trust in his abilities, when the ball moves at full length, he tends to ask too much of his skills.


In his defense, Gill is a self-aware batsman who meticulously dissects his technique. He consults with his father before making significant changes and recognizes that there’s no such thing as a ‘technique-proof’ approach in cricket. This self-awareness, combined with his understanding of the game, allows him to approach his shortcomings with a mature perspective.

The Ongoing Battle

As Gill faces the challenge of South African conditions, the absence of Anrich Nortje is noted, but he will still encounter the likes of Kagiso Rabada, Lungi Ngidi, Marco Jansen, and Gerald Coetzee. While conventional wisdom suggests that Gill should excel in South African conditions similar to his success in Australia, the adaptability of the opposition bowlers and the influence of weather conditions could make it tricky for the young Indian batsman.

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If the South African pacers, spurred by cloudy conditions, opt for a fuller length to extract movement instead of sticking to a short-of-length strategy, it could pose an interesting challenge for Gill. The crux of the matter is whether the best young Indian batsman of this generation, on paper, can translate that potential into on-field brilliance against a formidable bowling lineup.


Cricket, at its core, is about transferring weight and maintaining stillness while playing a shot. Unlike players like Kane Williamson, who negotiates lengths adeptly, Gill tends to allow bowlers to dictate lengths by being crease-bound. This isn’t a deficiency that cannot be overcome; it’s a nuance that requires careful consideration and adjustment.


As Shubman Gill steps onto the South African turf, the spotlight is not just on his potential but on his ability to address and adapt to  his technique. The story isn’t about erasing a weakness entirely but finding a delicate balance that allows him to maintain his natural flair while navigating the challenges posed by quality bowling attacks. The cricketing world waits eagerly to see if Gill can rise to the occasion and assert himself as the best young Indian batsman of this generation on the field, overcoming the intricacies that have occasionally troubled him in the past.

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